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MAP78, Corrupt Shrine Zone is the ninth Race level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It takes place in deserted, nigh-decrepit ruins with plenty of damaging slime. It is the only Race stage to make its debut in Version 2.0, being neither based on an old map nor released to a contest.


You start out in a narrow hallway, then you enter a room with a pool of rising and falling slime to the right. Jump over it using the safe platform in the middle, and then take the yellow springs to your right. The next room contains a slime river in a glass tube, and an exit to the right. After that, you come across three floating and crumbling FOFs above a large slime pit. Either stand on one of them and jump off once it is low enough, or try to jump down without them, thokking at the right spot to land on safe ground. If you fall in the slime below, there are springs that let you get out of it, but you have to be quick. In the next room, walk up the spiraling staircase to finish the lap.

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