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Thing type 1475, Pokey, is a type of hazard exclusive to SRB2 Riders that damages players on touch. The Pokey can be destroyed by the use of a Green Shell. After 10 tics, it will respawn.


Place this Thing on the map, with the Angle being the direction the Pokey will initially move to. The Ambush flag must be set if the starting Angle is bigger than 0. When the Pokey comes into contact with Thing type 1489, Enemy Flip, it will turn by 180 degrees and then continue moving. If it does not encounter an Enemy Flip Thing, it will continue moving until it hits a wall and get stuck there, so you should always place two Enemy Flip Things to make it move back and forth in the map.

SRB2 Riders modifies the action A_MoveAbsolute to make this Thing type work, so other Objects that use this action may not work as expected.

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