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Thing types 1203–1206, Cacti (singular: cactus), are a group of scenery Things used in Arid Canyon Zone and many desert-themed custom maps. These are intangible, segmented cacti with a large flower of a specific color, based on unused cacti sprites from Sonic 2. There are four different types of cacti available:

Thing type number Name Object type Sprite Description
1203 Cactus with Brown Flower MT_CACTI1
A one-segment cactus with a large brown flower.
1204 Cactus with Brown Flower (Tall) MT_CACTI2
A two-segment cactus with a large brown flower.
1205 Cactus with Blue Flower MT_CACTI3
A one-segment cactus with a large blue flower.
1206 Cactus with Blue Flower (Tall) MT_CACTI4
A three-segment cactus with a large blue flower.

Object/state data

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