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SPMoves's title screen

SPMoves (abbreviation for Special Moves) is a source code modification for Version 1.08 made by JTE. Its main feature is several new special abilities that can be used by custom characters. Several new characters that use some of these abilities were also added to the game, including characters such as Shadow, Eggman, and various SRB2 Message Board members: Jason the Echidna, MK, foxUnit01, Hikaru, Cyan (Cy-Chan) and Jake the Echidna. Other features were added as well, such as seasons and holidays, secrets and unlockables, and the beginnings of SRB2 Universe. The project was eventually discontinued, though some of its features were later added to another mod by the same author, SRB2JTE.

Current release information

New characters

SPMoves adds many custom characters to the game that use the abilities included in SPMoves:

  • Shadow: This character has the Chaos Control ability.
  • Mecha Knuckles: A silver recolor of Knuckles that has the Jet-Glide ability.
  • Eggman: This character has the Run on Air ability.
  • Jason (Jason the Echidna, or J.T.E.): A dark red recolor of Knuckles that has the Glide Blast ability. In Single Player mode, this character is exclusive to Rock Skull Mountain Zone.


These characters cannot be used in Single Player.

  • Jake (Jake the Echidna): A recolor of Knuckles that has the Wall Kick ability.
  • Cyan: A recolor of Knuckles that has the Speed Climb ability.
  • Fox (foxUnit1): A recolor of Tails that has the Big Guns ability.
  • Hikaru: A recolor of Tails that has the Speed Fly ability.
  • Zim: This character replaces the Zim character included already in v1.08, and has the Speed Climb ability.

Special abilities

The main feature of SPMoves is the addition of new special abilities that can be used by custom characters. These can be enabled by using the numbers 3 to 17 with the ability parameter in the character WAD's S_SKIN lump. Below is a list of all possible abilities:

Ability number Ability Used by Description
0 Speed Thok Sonic Unchanged from Sonic's default ability.
1 Fly Tails Unchanged from Tails' default ability.
2 Glide/Climb Knuckles Unchanged from Knuckles' default ability. Note that in 1.08, Knuckles could still glide multiple times per jump.
3 Chaos Control Shadow Characters with this ability also have the Speed Thok ability. To execute Chaos Control, the player needs a Chaos Emerald of any color, or 10 rings in Match. In Match, 10 rings are also immediately subtracted upon activating the move. To perform it, jump in the air, then hold the Spin button, and press the Jump button again. The maneuver lasts as long as the Spin button is held. Upon releasing it, the player immediately lands on the ground.

The player will be thrust forward at a very high speed and will clip through anything in their path as well as land on top of high platforms when touching their walls. It is advised to be cautious when near thok barriers, as executing Chaos Control into them will cause instant death (although no lives are subtracted in that case). The player loses height while performing the maneuver, and it will automatically cease when the player touches the ground. Hence, it is advantageous to begin it at high altitudes to maintain it for longer periods of time.

This move was ported to and improved in SRB2JTE.

4 Homing Attack N/A A thok that homes in on nearby enemies, monitors and springs. This move was originally supposed to be a Super Thok that also added the ability to perform an Armageddon Shield blast, but this feature was never added.
5 Multi-Thok N/A The player can thok multiple times during one jump. However, a ring is subtracted for every additional thok after the first one. Due to a bug, if the player thoks without carrying a ring, the character will change into its death state but not actually die, leaving the player immobile.
6 Glide Blast Jason Also known as the Thok Glide, this is a very fast glide move that makes a thok sound and leaves a trail of semi-transparent "thok shadows". It is slower than an actual thok. After releasing the Jump button, the player will fall; pressing it again will activate a regular glide move. The player also climbs faster than normal, but cannot climb out of the Glide Blast.
7 Big Guns Fox The player can shoot Jetty-syn bullets with the Ring Toss button, even in non-competitive gametypes. No rings are depleted for shooting. The bullets are slower than regular thrown rings, and only the Rail Ring and the Automatic Ring pass their properties on to it when collected. Characters with this ability also have a homing attack in Adventure mode, although they cannot use it to thok if there is no enemy, monitor or spring in vicinity.
8 Speed Climb Cyan, Zim The player automatically clings on to a wall when jumping at it, and can climb walls at a very high speed.
9 Speed Fly Hikaru A horizontally fast flying ability. The player can only ascend as long as he has rings, and rings are constantly depleted while ascending. Without rings, the player will quickly lose height while flying.
10 Sonic RPG Level-up Ability N/A The player gains abilities in different levels. Every time the player kills an enemy, their score increases. After the player has gained a certain score, they reach a new level and gain a new ability. Old abilities can still be used unless the new ability is a strict upgrade of an old one. The score necessary to reach the next level increases dramatically with each level. This feature was never fully completed.
  • Level 0: Spindash (Planned: 50% speed, 80% jump height, no spindash, no special abilities)
  • Level 1: No new abilities (Planned: Spindash)
  • Level 2: No new abilities (Planned: 100% speed)
  • Level 3: Mini-Thok (half as much thrust as a regular thrust)
  • Level 4: No new abilities (Planned: 100% jump height)
  • Level 5: Thok
  • Level 6: Homing Attack by pressing Spin while jumping
  • Level 7: Light Dash (not functional)
  • Level 8: Multi-Thok (removes Homing Attack)
  • Level 9: All shields can be used as Armageddon Shields
11 Tails RPG Level-up Ability N/A Tails' version of the above. Since this feature was never completed, the player starts out with a spindash ability and does not gain any new abilities in the following levels. Below is a list of the planned abilities for each level:
  • Level 0: 50% speed, 80% jump height, no spindash, no special abilities
  • Level 1: Spindash
  • Level 2: 100% speed
  • Level 3: Mini-Fly (lasts half as long as the regular flight ability)
  • Level 4: 100% jump height
  • Level 5: Fly
  • Level 6: Adventure Mode Fly (Adventure mode time restriction)
  • Level 7: Adventure Mode Fly (normal time restriction)
  • Level 8: Speed Fly
  • Level 9: All shields can be used as Armageddon Shields
12 Knuckles RPG Level-up Ability N/A Knuckles' version of the above. Since this feature was never completed, the player starts out with a spindash ability and does not gain any new abilities in the following levels. Below is a list of the planned abilities for each level:
  • Level 0: 50% speed, 80% jump height, no spindash, no special abilities
  • Level 1: Spindash
  • Level 2: 100% speed
  • Level 3: Glide
  • Level 4: 100% jump height
  • Level 5: Climb
  • Level 6: Glide Blast
  • Level 7: Climb out of Glide Blast
13 Run on Air Eggman Holding the Jump button after jumping will make the player rise into the air after hitting the ground. The player can run in the air, ascend by pressing the Jump button, and descend by releasing it. The Spin button will make the player fall slower. After landing on the ground, the player needs to jump again to repeat the move. SPMoves' Eggman character uses a modified version of this ability: It cannot jump at all and instead floats up directly upon pressing the Jump button. It also has the ability to shoot Egg Mobile bullets.
14 Chao N/A This ability gives the player a Chao, which flies around the player's head and attacks nearby enemies upon pressing the Jump button in mid-air. However, the Chao cannot actually harm the enemies, and will therefore only return if the player kills the enemy themselves. An option to specify the Chao sprites used for each character WAD was planned but never added. This ability is automatically enabled in the Chao World SPM unlockable.
15 Wall Kick Jake The player automatically clings on to a wall when jumping at it, but cannot climb on it. Instead, when pressing the Jump button again, the player jumps off the wall in the opposite direction, gaining extra height. This ability can be used to climb up walls that are close to each other.
16 Jet-Glide Mecha Knuckles A fast gliding ability. The player does not lose any height while gliding. However, walls cannot be climbed at all.
17 Bat Fly N/A This ability was meant for the a441 character, which was never made. It was supposed to enable the to jump repeatedly in the air to "fly" like a bat, but it is not functional.


Single Player

  • MAP10: Rock Skull Mountain Zone – An Adventure mode level that can only be played as Jason the Echidna, featuring skulls that can be picked up by the player and a AoSTH-themed secret. This level appears in the Special menu's Bonus Levels sub-menu, but does not need to be unlocked.

Match stages

Some of these stages also support other gametypes.

  • MAPB0: Block War Zone – Was originally entered in a contest, in which the rules allowed only perfectly horizontal or vertical linedefs.
  • MAPB1: Computer Pit Zone
  • MAPB2: Crumbling Castles – Also supports Tag and CTF.
  • MAPB3: Adventure Island Zone – An Adventure mode level in which the player uses the Light Dash to travel between islands. Also supports Chaos.
  • MAPB4: Button Attack Zone – A level featuring multiple buttons that have different effects in the map. Also supports Tag and Chaos.

Secret levels

  • MAPC1: SRB2 Universe 1 – A compilation of all of Greenflower Zone in a Phantasy Star Online-style environment. This level is unlocked by clearing Ultimate mode, after which it appears in the Special menu's Bonus Levels sub-menu.
  • MAPD0: Chao World SPM Zone – A level with no exit where the player's ability is changed to "Chao" (see above) and enemies are made harmless. The world here is described in-game as growing and changing depending on what you do. A few additional rooms are accessed with teleporters. This level is unlocked by getting all "multiplayer eggs": these are items that can be collected in SRB2's Single Player levels, but only in a non-splitscreen netgame with at least 2 players. This level is selectable in the multiplayer menu, though is not playable until unlocked; it does not appear in the Special menu after being unlocked. This level was originally released on its own as Chao World SRB.


SPMoves features the concept of seasons, which will change the appearance of levels in SRB2 based on which month it is. The command line parameter -season [name] can be used to override the season being used. See below for the names of the seasons along with further details:

Season name Months Resource file Description
Spring April, May, June SPMoves-Spring.wad Replaces various textures and scenery with spring-themed visuals.
Summer July, August SPMoves-Summer.wad Replaces various textures and scenery with summer-themed visuals.
Fall September, October, November SPMoves-Fall.wad Replaces various textures and scenery with autumn-themed visuals. Leaves will also fall from the sky constantly.
Winter December, January, February, March SPMoves-Winter.wad Replaces various textures and scenery with winter-themed visuals.

To disable seasons, the command line parameter -noseasons is to be used.


SPMoves adds several new features to the existing Easter and Christmas holiday themes, and also adds a Halloween theme to the game.

Aside from the date-specific activation, the different holiday themes can also be manually activated via the command line parameter -holiday [name]. See below for the names of the holidays along with further details:

Holiday name Dates Resource file Description
Xmas 25th December–5th January SPMoves-Xmas.wad Same as existing Christmas mode, but with several additions:
  • All freed animals will randomly spawn with either red or blue colors, instead of randomly picking from all colors as normal.
Halloween October SPMoves-Halloween.wad Works similarly to the Christmas theme: Several music lumps, graphics, and map headers are changed to fit the Halloween theme. A disruptively heavy fog is also added. The gr_fog console variable must be enabled in OpenGL, otherwise the screen will be pitch black.
Easter April SPMoves-Easter.wad Same as existing Easter mode, but with several additions:
  • All enemies now spawn with random colors.
  • THZ flowers now spawn with random colors.

The changes applied to the game cannot be overridden by adding other files. The parameters -xmas and -noxmas are removed in exchanges for this parameter. To compensate, -noholidays manually deactivates a holiday that would otherwise be triggered.

Other features

  • Freed animals will spawn with a random color; in Christmas mode this is limited to red and blue however.
  • Two new level types were added: PSO mode and Chatroom mode. See below for the corresponding TypeOfLevel options along with further details:
Value Name Description
4096 TOL_PSO Gives the level Phantasy Star Online-like gameplay: enemies and bosses award score to players on destruction, and players level up once enough score has been gained. It was planned to give players with the character abilities 10 to 12 (see above) new abilities when they leveled up, but this was never finished. Colored Ideya Capsules are available that act as capsules for shields, which are awarded to the player once enough money has been collected.

This level type is used by the SRB2 Universe 1 level included in SPMoves.

16384 TOL_CHATROOM Turns the level into a "chatroom" level, where all players are given the Chao ability, and enemies/bosses are not harmful and can be ridden by the player.

This level type is used by the Chao World SPM Zone level included in SPMoves.

  • The ability to pick up certain types of items in Adventure mode levels, such as the skulls seen in Rock Skull Mountain Zone. Such items can be picked up using the Light Dash button, and can be placed back down with the same button (or tossed if used in mid-air).
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