1.09.4:Castle Eggman Zone Act 1

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MAP07: Castle Eggman Zone Act 1




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MAP07, Castle Eggman Zone Act 1, abbreviated as CEZ1, is the first act of Castle Eggman Zone, the third zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in a valley leading to Eggman's castle. The player must try to enter the castle over a drawbridge, but has to find a button that opens the door first. This level introduces two new enemies: The Jetty-syn Bomber is an airborne enemy that drops bombs at the player. The Jetty-syn Gunner is its counterpart which shoots bullets from afar.


First section

From the start, go forward until you reach a more open area with two cave openings in the surrounding walls. You can either continue forward or enter the cave to your left.


Take the yellow spring to your left and enter the cave above. You will reach an outside area with a lake. Continue upwards around the lake and keep going forward until you reach a path split. Going left will take you back where you came from, so head right and activate the Star Post.


Continue forward and enter the cave. On the other side, turn right to enter an area with a lake. Continue by jumping upwards across the platforms in front of you and keep going until you get to a Star Post.

Second section

From the Star Post, jump down to the left and continue until you reach a large valley with a huge castle wall and a drawbridge over a lake. Jump into the lake and head to the left. Then turn around and you should find an opening in the left wall. Enter the cave, watching out for Crawlas, and take the spring at the end. Once you're on dry ground again, continue forward and take one of the red springs in front of you. Then jump up to the right, turn around and take the yellow spring up to the alcove in the wall. The alcove contains the first of two diagonal springs that will take you to a high ledge. Continue forward until you reach the entrance to a cave. You can either enter the cave or continue to the right.


In the cave, you can go either left or right. In both cases, you will end up in a narrow outside valley. The left path will let you enter from below, the right one from above. In either case, take the row of red springs at the end, then turn right and continue until you drop down into an area with a button surrounded by four pillars.


Turn right and take the yellow springs upwards. Then take the diagonal springs to be propelled to a cliff on the other side of the room. Here, continue forward until you reach an open area. Turn around to the left to see the entrances to four caves. Enter the rightmost cave and go through it. On the other side, you will enter an area with a button surrounded by four pillars.


Push the button to open the castle door and enter the cave (if you took the outside path, this is the cave that you entered from). Continue until you reach the other side and then turn right. You're now high above the castle entrance, whose door is now open, so jump down and cross the drawbridge to enter the castle, where you will find the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

Extra lives

  • In the first room, there is a high ledge directly in front of you containing an extra life. Fly or climb up there as Tails or Knuckles to reach it.
  • In the room with the castle entrance, there is an alcove in the castle wall to the right of the door. Use the red spring on the brick platform to the right to reach it and find an extra life.
  • Go into the cave at the second path split and take the right path. The cave will end with a row of red springs and a wall in front of you. Spindash into these springs and aim at the wall. You will fly up to the opening of a cave containing an Attraction Shield, an Invincibility Monitor and two extra lives.


  • At the first path split, jump onto the moving platform to the right and let it take you to an alcove with a Whirlwind Shield and a ring monitor.
  • Take the left path at the beginning. After passing the lake, look to your right to find the entrance to a cave. Enter the cave and hit the red spring inside to be taken up to an opening. Now jump into the alcove on the opposite wall. It contains an Attraction Shield and a Super Ring Monitor on Easy difficulty, a Whirlwind Shield on Normal difficulty, and two ring monitors on Hard difficulty and above.
  • In the room with the castle entrance, jump up the platforms on the far right side to reach a Whirlwind Shield.

Super Sneakers

  • Take the left path at the beginning. Once you reach the lake area, look up to your left to see a high ledge with a Super Sneakers monitor. To reach it, use the red spring in the corner of the lake.
  • In the room with the castle entrance, jump onto the brick platform on the right end of the castle wall to find a Super Sneakers monitor.
  • In the room with the button, there is a Super Sneakers monitor in the corner to the right of the cave entrance.


  • In Race mode, the castle door is already opened, so you can go right through it without looking for the button.
  • In the room with the castle entrance, there is an alcove in the castle wall to the right of the door. Use the red spring on the brick platform to the right to reach it. From there, jump down and try to bounce off a Crawla in the water. This will propel you high enough to reach the high cliff on the left side of the room, from where you can reach the button quickly.

Technical data