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A screenshot of Knothole Base Zone Act 1, the first level of the SRB1 Remake.

The SRB1 Remake was an unlockable in SRB2 v2.0 and v2.1 that replicated the levels of the original Sonic Robo Blast in SRB2's 2D mode. It was originally developed by Torgo as a standalone level pack for v1.09.4 but was added to SRB2 itself in v2.0. It featured 11 of SRB1's 14 zones as well as all of its Super and Hyper levels. While the level layouts and the music of the remake are mostly faithful to the original, there are some differences in the visuals, the enemy placement and the enemy behavior. Additionally, none of SRB1's bosses were implemented. The SRB1 Remake was removed in v2.2.


In v2.1, the SRB1 Remake is unlocked by collecting 20 emblems. It can then be accessed in the secrets menu. After playing through the whole SRB1 Remake once, a level select entry will appear directly under its main entry in the menu, allowing the player to skip to any level in the SRB1 Remake. An extra emblem is also awarded for beating the SRB1 Remake.

The player is forced to be Sonic in all levels except Echidnapolis Zone and Sky Lab Zone, where the player is instead forced to be Knuckles. In Coop and Race mode, the character is also forced upon the player when the level is started, but it can be changed afterwards.

Differences from SRB1

Missing features

  • In the original SRB1, most regular levels have a boss at the end. These were never implemented into SRB2, so these levels end in an empty boss arena with a fixed camera position. Lake Zone Act 1 had a miniboss in the middle of the level instead of a regular boss at the end; it is also not featured in the remake.
  • The remake is missing three zones: Space Chase Zone is a shoot 'em up level in which the player controls a spaceship. The functionality for this is not included in SRB2. Lift Zone is a boss fight featuring four of the previous bosses in the game and Last Land Zone is the final boss fight. Since none of the bosses were ported to SRB2, these levels are not included.
  • The water sections in Echidnapolis Zone do not make the player swim like they did in SRB1.
  • Although most of the enemies in SRB1 fired projectiles at the player, their SRB2 counterparts do not do this. In general, the enemy placement has been redone and the amount of enemies has been significantly toned down.

Visual differences

  • Most of the levels use SRB2's textures to approximate the theme of the original levels. The only levels that use original textures from SRB1 are Knothole Base Zone and Robotopolis Zone.
  • The original level backgrounds were usually one of the textures used in the level or a simple blue sky. The remake uses more elaborate backgrounds, some of which make use of SRB2's ability to have 3D scenery in 2D levels.

Other changes

  • In the original Volcano Zone, lava instantly killed the player regardless of ring count. In the SRB1 Remake, lava only hurts the player, but unlike in regular SRB2, it is not solid on top. One pit has been replaced by a lava slide that pushes the player to the foreground and into a pit. The time countdown in this zone has been removed.
  • In Great Unknown Zone and Rocky Mountain Zone, the player originally had to find secret exits that took the player to Void Zone and Hidden Palace Zone, respectively. In the remake, the secret exits are removed and the regular exits lead to these stages.


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  • MAPA1: Knothole Base Zone Act 1
  • MAPA2: Knothole Base Zone Act 2
  • MAPA3: Great Forest Zone Act 1
  • MAPA4: Great Forest Zone Act 2
  • MAPA5: Lake Zone Act 1
  • MAPA6: Lake Zone Act 2
  • MAPA7: Ice Palace Zone Act 1
  • MAPA8: Ice Palace Zone Act 2
  • MAPA9: Volcano Zone Act 1
  • MAPAA: Volcano Zone Act 2
  • MAPAB: Echidnapolis Zone Act 1
  • MAPAC: Echidnapolis Zone Act 2
  • MAPAD: Sky Lab Zone Act 1
  • MAPAE: Sky Lab Zone Act 2
  • MAPAF: Mechanical Madness Zone Act 1
  • MAPAG: Mechanical Madness Zone Act 2
  • MAPAH: Robotopolis Zone Act 1
  • MAPAI: Robotopolis Zone Act 2
  • MAPAJ: Robo Base Zone Act 1
  • MAPAK: Robo Base Zone Act 2
  • MAPAN: RingSatellite Zone Act 1
  • MAPAO: RingSatellite Zone Act 2
  • MAPAR: Athenos Zone
  • MAPAS: Great Unknown Zone
  • MAPAT: Void Zone
  • MAPAU: Woodland Hill Zone
  • MAPAV: Rocky Mountain Zone
  • MAPAW: Hidden Palace Zone

Extra lives

There are six Extra Life Monitors hidden in the SRB1 Remake levels. Aside from one Super Ring Monitor, these are the only power-up items to be found in these levels, since SRB1 did not have monitors. Instead, the extra lives were displayed as Sonic's life icon hovering above the ground.

  • Lake Zone Act 1: After exiting the room after the first Star Post through a thin platform that is intangible from below, use the stepping stone to your right to enter the next room. An extra life is below the platform you land on. To get it, jump on the pillar to your right and jump through the small gap below the platform while avoiding the spikes.
  • Ice Palace Zone Act 2: After the teleporter, continue across the platforms to your right instead of dropping down. You will come to a dead end that contains an extra life.
  • Volcano Zone Act 2: Once you've reached the first lava pool at the beginning of the level, turn around. To your upper left is a small alcove with an extra life.
  • Sky Lab Zone Act 2: After the first Star Post, drop down the gap right in front of you. Below you is a small ledge with an extra life, floating above the pit.
  • Great Unknown Zone: In the room before the player drops into a cave, there is a floating platform in your path. Jump on it and jump to the wall on your right. A part of it will reveal itself to be intangible, allowing you to enter a small alcove with a Super Ring Monitor and two extra lives.


  • Thing type 4000: SRB1 Crawla
  • Thing type 4001: GuardRobo
  • Thing type 4002: Pyrin
  • Thing type 4003: HotRobo
  • Thing type 4004: Pogminz
  • Thing type 4005: Pogminz (Water)
  • Thing type 4006: Pog-GX2
  • Thing type 4007: Pyrex
  • Thing type 4008: SRB1 Turret
  • Thing type 4009: SWAT Bot
  • Thing type 4010: SpyBot 2000
  • Thing type 4011: Buzz Bomber
  • Thing type 4012: RBZ Spike
  • Thing type 4013: Dumb Metal Sonic
  • Thing type 4014: Super SWAT Bot
  • Thing type 4015: Genrex