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Zone Builder, an example of a WAD editor.

A WAD editor is a program that allows the user to edit WAD files (and in some cases PK3 files) by providing a graphical user interface and/or performing automated tasks for the user. WAD editors are divided into three main categories: Lump editors manage the general contents of a WAD or PK3 file, map editors are used to edit maps, and nodebuilders calculate additional data for maps that is used for rendering and collision purposes.

The following is a list of WAD editors that are commonly used in the SRB2 community. Some editors combine the features of map editors and lump editors; these are listed under "lump editors".

Lump editors

Lump editors are used to manage the lumps of a WAD or PK3 file, which are essentially pieces of data. They typically provide a list of all lumps in a file, allow the user to add and delete lumps, import and export their data and in some cases edit their contents. Lump editors are used to organize all the parts of a WAD or PK3 file except for maps. Note that some of SRB2's data files use .dta as a file ending, even though they are in the WAD file format. These can also be opened by lump editors, although the ending may need to be changed to .wad for some of the outdated editors to recognize the file.


  • SLADE is a cross-platform, open-source lump editor. It is the most popular lump editor for SRB2. A map editor is also included, but it provides limited support for SRB2 maps.


  • XWE is a lump editor for Windows. While it was the lump editor of choice during Final Demo and v2.0, it is notorious for having a few major quirks and is no longer maintained by its creator. It has now been abandoned by most users in favor of SLADE.
  • SLumpEd is an open-source lump editor for Windows. It has since been discontinued and absorbed into SLADE, which provides more features and is less buggy.
  • LumpMod is a command-line lump editor for Windows, released under the GNU GPL. While it provides no interface for the user and thus requires computer knowledge to be operated, batch scripts can be written for it, which made it useful for performing tedious and repetitive tasks quickly. LumpMod only handles lumps in their native format and does not convert images, sounds and other data into their proper format.

Map editors

Map editors are used to create and edit maps. They automatically create and update the lump structure that makes up a map, allowing the user to view and edit the map in a two-dimensional grid view. Some editors include additional features such as a 3D view, quick-edit functions and search functions. In order to edit SRB2 maps with a map editor, a configuration file must be created for it. Official configuration files for v2.2 are available for Zone Builder (binary maps) and Ultimate Zone Builder (UDMF maps).


  • Zone Builder is a map editor designed specifically for SRB2 by MascaraSnake, toaster and sphere. It is based on GZDoom Builder, itself a branch of Doom Builder. Because it is the only map editor to support many current features of SRB2's binary map format from v2.1 and v2.2, such as slopes and flat alignment, it is the most widely used map editor for SRB2. However, it does not have full support for UDMF maps.
  • Ultimate Zone Builder is a map editor designed specifically for SRB2 UDMF maps by MascaraSnake and sphere, currently in active development. It is based on Ultimate Doom Builder, a continuation of GZDoom Builder. Beta releases are available at the Message Board.


  • SRB2 Doom Builder is a map editor tailored specifically for SRB2, based on Doom Builder. It was developed by community member Oogaland, but it is no longer maintained and some of its SRB2-specific features no longer function since v2.0. It was the most popular map editor for SRB2 for many years, but it was superseded by Zone Builder during the v2.1 era since it does not support many of SRB2's newer features.
  • SRB2 Workbench is a map and script editor designed specifically for SRB2 by Oogaland. No official releases were made and it is no longer being developed, but unfinished versions are available at its website.
  • Doom Builder is an open-source map and script editor for Windows. It ceased development in 2012, but work has continued since on various offshoots, such as GZDoom Builder and Ultimate Zone Builder. Since Doom Builder lacks support for some of SRB2's features, it is rarely used for SRB2 mapping itself, but most SRB2 map editors are based on it or its successors: SRB2 Doom Builder is a modification of version 1.68 of Doom Builder, Zone Builder derives from GZDoom Builder, and Ultimate Zone Builder is based on Ultimate Doom Builder.


Nodebuilders are utilities that process a map and generate additional data used by the game for rendering and collision purposes. All maps must be processed by a nodebuilder before they can be played. All current map editors either include their own nodebuilder or automatically invoke an external one whenever the map is saved.

  • ZenNode is the most commonly used nodebuilder for maps in the binary format. A modified version supporting SRB2's extended map numbers is included in Zone Builder and enabled by default.
  • ZDBSP is the nodebuilder used by ZDoom, a source port of Doom. It is included in (Ultimate) Zone Builder and is also available as a standalone program. While it is the only available nodebuilder for UDMF maps, it can also be used on binary maps.
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