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MAP79, Slumber Circuit Zone, is the tenth and final Circuit level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.0. It is a NiGHTS map that takes place in a Special Stage-esque environment. Due to the comparatively slow movement of NiGHTS Super Sonic and the expansive layout, this level takes considerably longer to finish than the other Circuit stages. This level appears in the same form as it was first presented in v1.09.4.


Fly through the first part by flying up after you pass the start block. After that, you go under the ceiling and go into another room. There, you can either go up or down. Going up brings you in a pathway that pushes you back with a NiGHTS Bumper. Going down brings you in another pathway with Wing Logos. Continue left and you will see water. Fly down the water and reach the other side.

Fly out of the water and avoid being smashed by the moving platforms, but you won't get killed by them if you get stuck between them and the floor thanks to the holes. Continue flying until you reach a dead-end. Fly up the hole in the ceiling, and then fly down the next two holes, ignoring the path on the left. Fly right until you reach a dead-end. Move left until you get to the NiGHTS Bumper. Fly into it, and after collecting the Wing Logos, fly into a different path. Follow the path, and when you get to the NiGHTS Bumpers, fly into them. Continue going until you reach the finish.


  • Try to hit the NiGHTS Bumpers and make sure you have ample room to turn. Hitting walls here slows you down a lot, and use the speed boost button in every straightaway.
  • On the moving platforms, do not touch the top of them if they're moving upwards. If you do, you will get stuck until that platform starts moving downwards.
  • When you're low on drill dashes, continually tap the button instead of holding it down. You will go slightly slower than if you had held it down, but you lose your drill dashes very slowly, and, as a bonus, it's easier to steer.

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