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Thing type 3295, Boss X4 Turret, is an enemy exclusive to XSRB2. It is a modified Turret, designed to work with the EGGrid boss and the BOSSX4 Effect Sector. It fires projectiles at the player when commanded by the EGGrid, but it stops firing when the grid in the center lights up. When the EGGrid is down to 2 hits, the Turret will fire projectiles in an arc from side to side instead.

  XSRB2 specials [view]
Trigger Linedef Executors:
Check Player's Scale – ContinuousCheck Player's Color – ContinuousSector Ceiling Comparison – ContinuousSector Floor Comparison – ContinuousGolf – Count Strokes – Once
Trigger Linedef Actions:
Launch PlayerDamage ObjectTemporary Player Color Change

Conditional Instant KillBOSSX4 Effect Sector

Springs and Fans:
Blue Spring (Ceiling)Diagonal Blue SpringDiagonal Blue Spring (Ceiling)
Unnamed Boss – Boss X1EGGrid – Boss X4Boss X1 WaypointBoss X4 Turret
Item Boxes:
Combi-ringShrink MonitorGiant Monitor