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MAP25, Egg Rock Core Zone, abbreviated as ERCZ, is the final zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1. It is a boss fight against Brak Eggman.


Brak Eggman has 12 health points and is surrounded by an electrical barrier that prevents you from damaging him. He will not attack until he laughs; after laughing, he may randomly attack at any moment, so stay on your guard. In addition, the lower his health, the faster he'll walk, and the shorter the time between finishing an attack and starting the next one will be.

Brak Eggman has two pairs of two attacks.

  • The first pair:
    • A flamethrower attack, leaving flames on the ground. The flames will linger for ten seconds before dissipating.
    • A missile attack, where he shoots three rockets directly at you, leaving behind some flames where they hit. The missiles have extremely high knockback, so be sure not to get hit.
  • The second pair:
    • A bomb lobbing attack. The bomb will slowly bounce to a stop, after which it shatters into 7 smaller bombs that each spread flames over a large radius.
    • A sniping attack. A targeting reticule will appear on top of you, as well as a line of orange orbs indicating the line of sight from Brak Eggman to you. After roughly two seconds, Brak Eggman will snipe at you, instantly hitting you and throwing you up into the air. To avoid this attack, you need to the break your line of sight with Brak Eggman before he snipes. Barriers will pop up from the ground to give you some cover. You will know you're safe if the targeting reticule gets stuck and is no longer directly on top of you.

From 10–12 health points, he'll only use the first pair, and from 1–3 health points, he'll only use the second. In-between, he'll randomly choose between the two, opting progressively more for the second pair as his health decreases. The first attack after being hit, however, will always be one of the first pair of attacks, regardless of his current health.

Three pipes are installed in the arena. After a while, one of the pipes will start to drop lava. Lure Brak Eggman into the lava fall to short out his electric barrier. Once it's gone, jump at him to hit him. He will retaliate to each hit with one of the first pair of attacks, and cannot be hit again until that attack has ceased. His barrier will stay down for twenty-five seconds before respawning; it flickers during the last five seconds, but it is still safe to attack him during this time. Once the barrier has respawned, another pipe will start dropping lava, allowing you to repeat the process. After nine hits, the walls of the arena will crumble, making his missile attack even more dangerous. After three more hits, he will be defeated, completing the level.

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