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A_DropMine is an action that makes the actor drop an Object and plays the actor's AttackSound. The actor's RaiseState specifies the Object type of the dropped Object. By default, the Object is spawned 12 fracunits below the actor, but Var1 can be used to set a height offset in fracunits. The height offset and the dropped Object will flip accordingly with the actor's gravity direction.

Var2 can be used to perform a proximity check before dropping the Object: the lower 16 bits of Var2 set the distance threshold (0 disables the proximity check). The Object is only dropped if the horizontal distance between the actor and its target is smaller than the threshold. If the upper 16 bits of Var2 are set to 1, the proximity check is performed with the actor's tracer instead. If the chosen Object does not exist for performing a proximity check with, this action will do nothing.

In SRB2, this action is used by the Skim to drop Objects of type MT_MINE on the player.

Object property Use
RaiseState Object type to drop
AttackSound Object dropping sound

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