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A_VileFire is an action that is used as the thinker for Brak Eggman's targeting reticule. It was originally used in Doom for the Archvile's fire attack, hence the name.

Similarly to A_CapeChase, this action immediately sets the actor's position to be 24 fracunits in front of the actor's tracer, but only if the actor's target has a line of sight to the actor's tracer. When called every tic, this makes the actor follow its tracer. If Var1 is set to a valid sound number, that sound is played. If Var2's lower 16 bits are set to a valid Object type, a line consisting of Objects of that type is spawned between the actor and its target. The number of Objects in the line is set by Var2's upper 16 bits; if they are 0, it defaults to 8 Objects.

In the context of this action's usage as the thinker for Brak Eggman's targeting reticule, the actor is the targeting reticule, the target is Brak Eggman and the tracer is the player targeted by the attack. Thus, this action makes the targeting reticule follow the player as long as Brak Eggman has a line of sight to the player. The line of spawned Objects is used to indicate the line of sight.

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