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A_MultiShot is an action that shoots multiple Objects horizontally that spread evenly in all directions around the actor. The number of missiles is specified by the lower 16 bits of Var1 (it cannot exceed 90), the missile type is defined by the upper 16 bits. Var2 determines height offset.

After firing, the actor's reaction time is set to a new value determined by the actor's ReactionTime. Normally, the reaction time is set to a value of ReactionTime*TICRATE*2 (or 2×ReactionTime seconds). In Ultimate mode, it is set to ReactionTime*TICRATE (or ReactionTime seconds) instead. However, if the actor has MF_BOSS, the actor's reaction time will not be changed.

This action originates from the v2.0 modification SRB2Morphed and was added to SRB2 itself in v2.1.

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