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A_VileAttack is an action that instantly hurts the actor's target and slightly lifts it upwards if it is in the actor's line of sight. In SRB2, it is used for Brak Eggman's sniping attack. It was originally used in Doom for the Archvile's fire attack, hence the name.

If Var1 is set to a valid sound number, that sound is played during the attack. Otherwise, the default sound sfx_brakrx is used. If Var2's upper 16 bits are set to 0, only the actor's target is targeted by the attack. Otherwise, all players in the game are targeted. If Var2's lower 16 bits are set to a valid Object type, an Object of this type is additionally spawned as an explosion Object.

If the actor has a tracer, it is moved towards the actor's target and performs a radius attack that damages all Objects within a radius of 70 fracunits. Note that this is only done for the actor's target, regardless of whether Var2's upper bits are set.

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