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A_FlickyCenter is an action that spawns a new flicky Object at an absolute location in a map. If Var1's lower 16 bits is set to 0 then a random flicky is spawned based on the FlickyList level header parameter otherwise the designated thing type is spawned. Additionally upper 17-20 bits determine the flickies color. Var2's value sets the maximum default distance that flickies can move away from their spawn point, if the object's angle is not set to 0, then that's the radius. Lastly the Object flags determine the flickies behaviour upon spawning.

Flags Behaviour
MF_SLIDEME if checked then the Flickies will move about aimlessly otherwise they will orbit around their target
MF_GRENADEBOUNCE if checked then the Flickies stand in-place without gravity (unless they hop, then gravity is applied)
MF_NOCLIPTHING if checked then the Flickies will hop

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