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A_FlickySpawn is an action that spawns a new flicky Object at an absolute location in a map. If Var1's lower 16 bits is set to 0 then a random flicky is spawned based on the FlickyList level header parameter otherwise the designated thing type is spawned. Additionally the upper 17, 18 and 19 bits can be toggled to change the spawn effect. Var2's value sets the upwards thrust for the spawned flicky, if left at 0 then a default value is provided.

Attributes Use
Var 1 Lower 16 bits: Object Type or random type based on FlickyList if set to 0
Upper 17 bits: 0 = no sound played, otherwise A_Scream is called
Upper 18 bits: 1 = flicky spawned slightly forwards from spawn position
Upper 19 bits: 1 = flicky spawned slightly backwards from spawn position
Var 2 Upward thrust in FRACUNITS

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