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Acid Missile levels
MAPK9: Slime Silo Zone





MAPK9, Slime Silo Zone, abbreviated as SSZ, is the final level in Acid Missile. It is a boss fight against a modified Egg Mobile in a slime-filled arena set in outer space. Unlike the regular Egg Mobile, this boss takes 12 hits to defeat.


You start the level on a platform surrounded by a pool of slime. Eggman hovers over the slime and will never enter the central platform. There are 12 rings in the stage, which are placed on striped red and black floors on the edges of the platform. Only collect one ring at a time to avoid running out of them. Eggman alternates between two attacks, which he will signal by raising his hand. You can tell them apart by the sound that is played while he raises his hand. If you hear an alarm, he will bring down crushers above the striped floors. In this case, move to the outer edge of the platform before the crushers come down and hit Eggman, using the rebound to land back on the platform. If you fall into the slime, there are springs to get you back up. If you hear a charging sound, he will attack you with Turret fire. In this case, it makes no sense to attack him, so just stay in the center of the platform and dodge the Turret fire.

After 9 hits, Eggman will enter the pinch phase, which is signalled by smoke coming out of his Egg Mobile. In this phase, Eggman will bring down the crushers every time he attacks and keep them down for a few seconds, sealing off the center of the platform. Then he will open a window, which will suck you into outer space and kill you if you are still in the outer ring of the arena. To dodge the attack, stay inside the sealed-off center of the platform during the attack. Between attacks, quickly jump at Eggman to hit him. As Knuckles, you can resist the pull into outer space by gliding away from the window or attaching to a wall.

After three more hits, Eggman is defeated, ending the level.

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