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Thing type 408, Invincibility Monitor, is a monitor that gives the player invincibility for 20 seconds upon its destruction, playing the invincibility music (INVINC) while the power-up is in effect. The player cannot be hurt by regular damage while invincible, but it provides no protection from death hazards, like bottomless pits and drowning. Enemies will be damaged on contact, even if the player is not spinning or jumping. While the effect works on a player who is Super, it is redundant in all gametypes except for Match and CTF due to the Super form's inherent invincibility.

Checking the Ambush flag turns this monitor into a Weak Random Monitor. This is not recommended however, because WRMs do not spawn Invincibility. Checking the Special flag turns it into a Strong Random Monitor, out of which it may randomly respawn with a probability of 12.50%.

This Monitor type also comes in a gold variation, Thing Type 438, Invincibility Monitor (Respawn), which will give the player the Invincibility powerup once popped, before respawning after about 3 seconds. Its only occurrence in-game is twice in Red Volcano Zone Act 1.

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