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MAPF0, Lime Forest Zone, is the first Capture the Flag level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It takes place in a forest, with trees holding the bases and a lake with branching bridges in the middle. It is the most basic CTF level in SRB2, being small and straightforward, but also featuring a secondary path from base to base. The bases are narrow and intertwined, making defense very strong in this map. This stage is the first level designed for CTF mode, and was featured in most versions of SRB2 since Demo 4, where the gametype was introduced.


Lime Forest Zone's layout.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panels are located inside a small nook to the left side of either base. Use the yellow spring in the base entrance to reach it.
  • The Rail Ring Panels are located on the wooden bridges in front of either base.
  • The Automatic Ring Panels are located on the ground level in front of either base, in the middle of the steep indentation.
  • The Explosion Ring Panels are located in the middle of the two underwater tunnels.
  • The Scatter Ring Panels are located at the end of the right hallway in either base, very close to the flag.
  • The Grenade Ring Panels are located between the lake and the tall ledges in front of either base, on the left side.


  • The sole SRM is located in the lake in the center of the stage, between the branches of the bridge. Its base item is a Force Shield.
  • One WRM each is located on top of the tall ledges in front of either base, on the right side. Their base items are Super Ring Monitors.

Playing strategy

  • The flag above the entrance to the base is held by a thin ledge that Tails or Knuckles players can stand on to fire Rail Rings at opponents. However, this makes them an easy target themselves.
  • There are two underwater tunnels leading from the lake to each of the bases. Flag carriers can try to use these paths to sneak into their base without being noticed. However, this makes them vulnerable to opponents who might be in the tunnel at the same time. There are no air bubbles in the tunnels, so players should move through them quickly.
  • It is possible to move from one base to the other quickly by jumping from the bridge in front of either base and bouncing on the SRM in the lake. However, this also makes players an easy target for Rail Rings.

Technical data