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A solid, opaque, shadowcasting FOF rising as the player steps upon it, in Aerial Garden Zone.

Linedef type 190, Rising Platform, Solid, Opaque, Shadowcasting, is a special type of floor over floor platform. It is a shadowcasting FOF that will rise at a constant speed when jumped or stepped upon by a player. The FOF will return to its original position at half speed when the player is no longer standing upon it.


This linedef requires three control sectors, each of which must be connected to another with at least one linedef. The easiest way to do this is to create three square sectors in a row. The control linedef should be attached to the sector in the center, and be given an effect of linedef type 190.

The flats, floor height, and ceiling height of the FOF are determined by the flats, floor height, and ceiling height of the central control sector, and the sidedefs of the FOF's walls are determined by the sidedef of the control linedef. The speed of the platform's movement is indicated by the length of the control linedef. One fracunit of the linedef length equals 0.25 fracunits per tic of speed. The other two control sectors determine the starting and ending heights of the platform, respectively.

The light level of the control sectors will set the light level of the area below the FOF. If the light level of the central control sector is lower than that of the target sector, then it will cast a dark shadow. If the light level of the central control sector is higher than that of the target sector, then the FOF will illuminate the area below it. If the light level of the central control sector is equal to that of the target sector, then the FOF will not affect the light of the area below it.

If Flag [1] / Block Enemies is checked, the platform will sink when the player steps on it, rather than rising. If Flag [6] / Not Climbable is checked, the player will be required to charge a spindash while standing on the platform to make it move.


Example file: ex_ld190_fofmovingsolidopaqueshadow.wad (MAP01)
How to use
  • You may load this file into your favorite map editor, such as Zone Builder. Select MAP01 as the map to load.
  • You may also load this file in the game:
    1. Save ex_ld190_fofmovingsolidopaqueshadow.wad into the addons folder of your SRB2 directory.
    2. Start SRB2, go to the Addons menu, and then select ex_ld190_fofmovingsolidopaqueshadow.wad.
    3. Start the game in Single Player mode.
    4. Press the Console button (~), and type in the command MAP MAP01 to access the example map.
  • When you load this file in the game, it replaces Greenflower Zone Act 1.

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