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Resolution problems

XWE Links

I think we should only have a link to the download with the lowercase lumps and the purple fix (as the top link) and then have the XWE site after that. Torgo 03:10, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

Headline text

The picture interferes with the text on a 1024x768 resolution, and I don't know how to fix it, other then to make the picture just a wee bit smaller. Could someone do that?--Bcdefg123 07:24, 26 August 2006 (PDT)


Looking at all the graphics through XWE (Except the Nights one) Gives me a sillioette of them. Even the palette is all pitch black. The sprites are not black in the game, though. Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do?--Nonickname 05:32, 8 June 2007 (???)

I mess up & why are there imps?

Messed up

I`m messing up with the graphics.Can someone help me?-- 19:29, 21 March 2008 (PDT)Ashlie

Setting up 1.1 palette

I think this is a point that would benefit if it was explained on the wiki. I am not sure if it should be put in this article, or the XWE tutorial. What you think Rob? Torgo 18:31, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

XWE link is broken/blocked

The link to Full XWE beta with last fix relevant to SRB2 editing is blocked. --Ezer'Arch|עֶזֶר'AρχTalk 17:44, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

If anyone has the XWE that was on DW's site I can upload it to my site. I might have it somewhere in my backups though. Torgo 00:55, 3 April 2010 (UTC)

XWE config

I've always been wondering if there is an XWE configuration out there for SRB2. If there is, it should be put in a "Extra Resources" section of the XWE page. If not, then I guess it should be rectified. Just bringing it up. -Henix879


"XWE misreads lumps starting with "DS" as sound files, which makes it impossible to view and export certain graphics in srb2.srb."

...I'm pretty sure you can actually view and export those graphics - you just have to convert each one to the right file type by right clicking, selecting "Change Type", and enter the number 31 if it's meant to be a sprite, 32 if it's a flat, or 33 if it's a patch.

...I don't call that impossible. --Monster Iestyn Talk 13:24, 5 December 2010 (UTC)

On the other hand, that will corrupt srb2.srb. But yeah, if you make a backup, it's possible. --SpiritCrusherTalkContribs 14:49, 5 December 2010 (UTC)