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Demo 4.35 is an outdated version of SRB2, released in April 2002. It was originally released as Demo 4.32 on March 8th, 2002, and was patched three times over the following month, resulting in Demo 4.35. It was an update of Demo 4, porting the game's engine from Doom Legacy v1.30 to v1.32 (which the original release was named after). This finally resolved several long-standing bugs, including crashes involving FOFs in the 640×400 resolution. This was the last time the code would be rewritten into a new codebase. This was also the last release of SRB2 that officially supported DOS/Windows 9x; from the next release onwards, support for these platforms was dropped.

In Demo 4.32, the title screen introduced in Demo 2 was temporarily replaced with a black screen displaying only the text "SRB2 V4.32 Beta Test (Press a key)". This exact same title screen was still present later in Demo 4.35, despite "V4.32" in the text being inaccurate by this point. In the next release, SRB2 2k3, the Demo 2-style title screen would be restored.

This version of SRB2 also made an appearance at the fourth Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), which started in March 2002.


Single Player

A basic character select screen was added after the skill level select screen, allowing any character to be chosen on starting a Single Player game rather than defaulting to Sonic – however, the character could still be switched afterwards mid-level via the Player 1 Setup screen or the console.

All Special Stages except the fifth one were scrapped and replaced, in response to complaints that the previous Special Stages were too difficult.


The multiplayer level roster was changed. Demo 4's two CTF stages were replaced with two new ones; starting with SRB2 2k3, all four would be included. In the Match roster, MAP06, Starlit Warehouse Zone and Orange Crater Zone were replaced with two new stages, Green Upheaval Zone and Block Factory Zone, as well as Meadow Match Zone, returning from Demo 3.

An in-game multiplayer menu was added, including the option to search for netgames on the Master Server. Before that, netgames had to be started and joined via the command line or the launcher that came with the game. At the time, the map and gametype could be chosen independently from each other in the Host Game menu, so maps could be chosen for gametypes they did not support. Since level headers did not yet exist, the Host Game menu only displayed the map numbers, not their names.

Other changes

  • The OpenGL rendering mode was first introduced in this version, providing an alternative to the default Software renderer.
  • Enemies were made intangible, preventing the player from colliding with them while invincible. However, as a side effect, Detons did not explode on contact with the player in this demo.
  • New FOF types were introduced for making water blocks. These were intended to deprecate the existing method for making water, which worked similarly to the Fake Floor special, though SRB2's levels did not switch to the new water blocks until SRB2 2k3.


Single Player levels

Match stages

Note that the level names did not exist at the time, as Demo 4.35 did not yet have title cards for the multiplayer levels and the Special Stages.

Capture the Flag stages

Note that the level names did not exist at the time, as Demo 4.35 did not yet have title cards for the multiplayer levels and the Special Stages.



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