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A common usage of the instant kill effect is applying it to a water FOF, as seen in Mystic Realm's Nitric Citadel Zone.

Sector type 8, Instant Kill, is a sector type which kills the player instantly upon touching any part of the sector. Unlike a death pit, the player is not just killed when touching the floor, but also in midair. In NiGHTS levels, these sectors do not cause damage in 3D mode due to all damage being disabled; in 2D mode, they cause normal NiGHTS damage.

The instant kill effect was used in Techno Hill Zone Act 3 prior to v2.1, so that the player would die if they jumped too far away from the train. It is also commonly used as "acid damage" in many custom levels. In this context, it is used on a translucent water FOF with a #999999D colormap that fades to #00FF00Z, GOOP01 flats and AFALL1 textures.

Type of sector Behavior
In-level sector Kills players when anywhere inside the sector (not just the floor)
Solid FOF control sector Kills players when they touch the FOF top (sides and bottom are safe)
Intangible FOF control sector Kills players when anywhere inside the FOF
Water FOF control sector Kills players when anywhere inside the FOF


Example file: ex_st00008_instantkill.wad (MAP01) 
  • Play this map in Single Player mode.
How to use
  • You may load this file into your favorite map editor, such as Zone Builder. Select MAP01 as the map to load.
  • You may also load this file in the game:
    1. Save ex_st00008_instantkill.wad into the addons folder of your SRB2 directory.
    2. Start SRB2, go to the Addons menu, and then select ex_st00008_instantkill.wad.
    3. Start the game in Single Player mode.
    4. Press the Console button (~), and type in the command MAP MAP01 to access the example map.
  • When you load this file in the game, it replaces Greenflower Zone Act 1.

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