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The first area of the disco room.

The disco room is an easter egg in SRB2. It is a disco-themed area hidden in Egg Rock Zone Act 2 that was created as a humorous homage to an unfinished level in SSNTails's hobby project, The Wizard Needs Food...Badly! The room is decorated with items such as a dancing Eggman statue, a disco ball and vinyl records, and the music that plays is "Disco Zombie" from Earthworm Jim 3D. In this room, the player has to defeat a number of enemies and an Egg Mobile to gain a Special Stage Token and end the level.

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The entrance to the disco room is located near the end of Egg Rock Zone Act 2, in an area that is mandatory for the player to go through. After defeating the laser cannon mini-boss, the player enters a zoom tube and switches back to 3D movement. The zoom tube leads into a corridor with blue walls. At the end of the corridor is an elevator that will lead the player to the ending area. Instead of entering the elevator, the player must spindash into the wall behind the second barrier from the left to enter a hidden zoom tube that leads to the disco room.


After exiting the zoom tube, you will find yourself in a disco-themed room with two Extra Life Monitors. The room leads into a small corridor with an Attraction Shield to the left and a room full of enemies around the corner to the right. To progress, you need to destroy these enemies. However, because the room contains a diverse selection of rather powerful enemies, you are likely to be hit if you simply walk into the room. Instead, grab the Attraction Shield and try to entice the enemies into the corridor one by one. The room contains three Sharps, which will hit you if you stay on the floor. To avoid them, climb onto the small elevation where the Attraction Shield was located and wait until they deactivate to defeat them. The other enemies can be defeated by normal means.

The boss area.

After all enemies are destroyed, a door will open in the enemy room that leads into a boss arena with an Egg Mobile and three Jetty-syn Gunners. The room contains a few vinyl records that emerge from a bottomless pit. You can jump over these vinyl records and moving platform to reach a safe platform with a Special Stage Token on it at the far end of the room. First, however, you should take out the Jetty-syns. They won't follow you out of the room, so the best way to destroy them is to wait in the enemy room until they are hovering next to the exit and then quickly jump at them. Be careful when jumping not to overshoot and fall into the pit. After destroying the Jetty-syns, you can move up to the safe platform to battle the Egg Mobile. Hit him when he's close to avoid falling into the pit. After defeating him, an Egg Capsule will appear on the safe platform. Take the Special Stage Token and jump on the capsule to end the level.

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