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MAPM6, Orbital Hangar Zone, is the seventh Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It takes place inside the titular hangar, while also featuring one outdoor area. The indoor areas contain all kinds of machinery, from conveyor belts to moving pistons, spread out over four highly interconnected rooms. The outside area, featuring two large laser cannons that occasionally fire, is safe to breathe in unlike the space segments in Egg Rock Zone.

This stage was originally entered under the name Egg Hanger[sic] Zone in the March/April 2011 OLDC, where it won the Match division with an average of 7.09. After some small tweaks and a name change (fixing the spelling error in the process), it was added to the Match rotation in v2.1.


Orbital Hangar Zone's layout.
  • A – Death Egg room: Named after the recreation of Sonic & Knuckles' Death Egg mini-boss present in the area. Aside from that, the room contains some conveyor belts, boxes, flashing wall panels and two hallways leading to the production room and the explosives room.
  • B – Production room: This room contains a conveyor belt on which several monitors are transported. The room also contains pistons, some boxes, and another cycling conveyor belt behind glass. From this room, the Death Egg room, the central area and the rail hallway can be accessed.
  • C – Central area: A nearly empty area, aside from a platform in the center. The production room and the laser cannon deck can be accessed from this area.
  • D – Rail hallway: A straight hallway filled with lights, conveyor belts and floor panels, connecting the production room and the explosives room.
  • E – Explosives room: Named after the Explosion Ring and Grenade Ring both present in this room. For Sonic, the higher floor can only be accessed by going through the laser cannon deck, while Tails and Knuckles can simply fly or climb up. The rail hallway and Death Egg room are accessible from this room for all characters.
  • F – Laser cannon deck: The only outside area in the map, containing two large laser cannons firing into deep space. Unlike Egg Rock Zone's outer space sections, this area doesn't have the Space Countdown effect. From here, the central area and the explosives room can be accessed.

Points of interest

Weapon rings


  • The SRM is located in the outside area, on a small pillar to the side surrounded by death pits.
  • A WRM can be found in the same area, but on a ledge to the right of the right-most laser cannon.
  • Another WRM can be found in front of the Automatic Ring Panel, on the edge of a conveyor belt.
  • One of the monitors on the production room's conveyor belt is a WRM. Make sure not to hit the Eggman Monitor instead!
  • In the explosives room, there's a WRM right next to the Grenade Ring Panel.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • Behind the "heads" of the laser cannons, a Whirlwind Shield and three Super Ring Monitors can be found.
  • There are many higher-up hallways throughout the level, without any items, that further connect the different areas of the level.

Technical data