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MAPM4, Desolate Twilight Zone is the fifth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a small and open desert-themed stage with few rings that debuted in the May/June 2005 OLDC as Nocturnal Sahara Zone, where it placed first with a score of 9.14. It was subsequently renamed and added to the game, and received a graphical overhaul in v2.0. Its layout is circular, with a tall centerpiece structure around which two outdoor rooms are wrapped. It also contains three platforms floating high up in the air which Sonic cannot access by normal means.


Desolate Twilight Zone's layout.
  • A – Western room: This room, located in the western half of the stage, is largely open and empty. In the south, a small elevation separates it from the eastern room, while a tunnel connects them in the northern half. A staircase winds around the outer edge of the room, leading to the Scatter cliff above the tunnel. In the middle, the lower hallway of the centerpiece is located, flanked by two support beams. Next to the staircase, a pool of quicksand is located, as well as a ledge with a red spring that sends you up to the balcony of the centerpiece.
  • B – Scatter cliff: Located in the north portion of the map, it connects the two big rooms. It can be reached via a red spring from the eastern room and a staircase from the western room. A floating platform with a red spring leads up to the balcony of the centerpiece.
  • C – Eastern room: This room takes up the eastern portion of the level, and is fairly open like its counterpart. In the north part, it connects to the scatter cliff via a spring, as well as the western portion via the tunnel. In the southern, the aforementioned small elevation cuts the rooms apart. The entrance to the lower hallway of the centerpiece is surrounded by a descending ring of ledges, with quicksand on the lowest part. To the north, another small pool of quicksand is located.
  • D – Lower hallway: The centerpiece of the map, it connects the two big rooms as a small hallway. In the middle, a spring is located which pushes you up to the upper hallway directly above it.
  • E – Upper hallway and balcony: The high part of the centerpiece, it features a balcony on the western side. On the other side, an opening leads down to the eastern room.
  • F – Floating islands: Three floating platforms are suspended above the big rooms; two in the western room, one in the eastern room. These contain a lot of powerful items, but Sonic cannot reach them by normal means.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panel is found in the lower hallway of the centerpiece, next to the spring.
  • The Rail Ring Panel is located in the quicksand pit below the centerpiece entrance in the eastern room.
  • The Automatic Ring Panel can be found on the staircase that wraps around the northern edge of the western room.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel is in the southern part of the eastern room, between two crates.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel can be found on the Scatter cliff, hence the name.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel is located in the center of the western room, next to a V-shaped protrusion in the floor.
  • The Infinity Ring is located in the corner of the quicksand pool in the western room.


  • The SRM is located in the upper hallway of the centerpiece, on top of a floating platform. Its base item is a Force Shield.
  • A WRM is found on a crate in the western room, leaning against the staircase to the Scatter cliff. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • Another WRM is located on a platform on the Scatter cliff, next to the centerpiece wall. Its base item is a Whirlwind Shield.
  • A Whirlwind Shield can found in the southern corner of the western room, next to the steps leading to the eastern room.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • The floating islands (F) have a lot of items on them, because they are the only Tails/Knuckles locations to speak of in this stage. They contain 28 single rings, 4 Super Ring Monitors, Grenade, Rail and 2 Automatic Ring pickups, a second Rail Ring Panel and a Whirlwind Shield. Sonic can access these areas only when equipped with a Whirlwind Shield from one of the random monitors. Then, looking at the nearest island, he can thok into the red spring on the Scatter cliff, and activate the Whirlwind jump just before falling down. From this platform, he can use his Whirlwind jump to access the other platforms.

Technical data