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MAPM7: Sapphire Falls Zone



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MAPM7, Sapphire Falls Zone, is the eighth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a Green Hill-themed stage that consists of a river that leads into a small lake, as well as its riverbanks, which are connected by two bridges. The river cannot be escaped by normal means and thus must be followed to the end if fallen into. The map has an unusually high amount of rings, leading to very intense fights. Sapphire Falls Zone debuted in v1.08, where it was GFZ-textured and had symmetrical riversides. It received a layout update to break the symmetry and a retexturing in v2.0.


Sapphire Falls Zone's layout.
  • A – Lower area: This is the lower half of the riversides, and is only interrupted on the eastern side for a short stretch. This section connects directly to the river, and contains three springs (two west, one east) that can be used to reach the bridge area.
  • B – River: Located in the middle of the map, this river leads into the lake area in the south. It cannot be jumped out of unassisted once fallen in, so Sonic players must follow it down the waterfall.
  • C – Lake area: Located in the south of the map, this is the lake the river leads to. A spring on each side leads up to the bridge area, while two small ledges are located in the south corners, with the eastern one leading to the sniper cliff.
  • D – Bridge area: This is the upper half of the riversides, located higher up. It consists of a northern and a southern half on both sides, and a bridge connects both riversides on each half. On the eastern side, a spring leads up to the upper area.
  • E – Upper area: Located on the eastern side of the map, this section is elevated higher than the rest, and builds a natural bridge over the river. It also contains a small tower reachable by some springs.
  • F – Sniper cliff: Located on the southern end of the map, beyond the lake, this small cliff contains the Rail Ring Panel and can be reached via a spring on the eastern side.
  • G – High cliffsides: These cliffsides are out of Sonic's reach without monitor bouncing. They are spread around the corners of the map, containing powerful items.
  • H – Floating island: Floating high above the rest of the stage, this platform can be reached both from underneath as Tails and from above as Tails and Knuckles, containing two powerful monitors.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panel is located directly below the waterfall in the lake area.
  • The Rail Ring Panel can be found on the sniper cliff.
  • The Automatic Ring Panel is located on the western riverside, in the lower area.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel is located in the upper area on the eastern riverside, in the north-most spot.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel can be found on a platform in the northern part of the river. It can be reached via two stepping stones, but players risk falling into the water by obtaining it.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel can be found in the bridge area of the western riverside, in the northern portion.
  • The Infinity Ring can be found next to the northern waterfall, behind the platform with the Scatter panel.


  • The SRM is located on a small, high tower in the middle of the lake. It can be reached via diagonal red springs on both sides of the bridge area. Its base items is an Elemental Shield.
  • A WRM is located in the southwest corner of the map, on the ledge beyond the lake. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • Another WRM can be fond in the northeast corner of bridge area, in a corner of the wall next to some ammo pickups. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • The upper area contains a WRM right at the end of its natural bridge. Its base item is a Whirlwind Shield.

Tails/Knuckles areas

Sonic can reach all these areas by monitor bouncing, but this is very difficult to achieve, especially in netgames. The main technique for players to launch themselves upwards is bouncing on the monitors next to the big waterfall and then using the low gravity inside the waterfall to increase the bouncing height.

Technical data