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MAPM8: Diamond Blizzard Zone



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MAPM8, Diamond Blizzard Zone, is the ninth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a very large, multi-leveled stage that takes place in a snow-themed palace and its surrounding outdoor areas. It debuted in the May/June 2010 OLDC, where it won the Match division with a score of 7.88. The name is a reference to Cirno's spell card "Diamond Blizzard" from Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.


Diamond Blizzard Zone's layout.
  • A – Outside area: A large, snowy area with several large pillars, a few icy platforms and a bridge. From here, there are exits leading to the Infinity room, the courtyard, and a hallway towards the Grenade and central areas.
  • B – Infinity room: A relatively small room with lots of icy platforms, a bridge leading to the balcony, and exits to the outside, courtyard and pillar platform areas.
  • C – Courtyard: A small courtyard connecting the central and outside areas. A higher ledge in this room connects the ice tunnel bridge and the pillar platform.
  • D – Balcony: The higher area of the outside area, only normally accessible via the Infinity room.
  • E – Pillar platform: Rocky terrain, covered by snow and surrounding a large pillar structure. From here, the upper part of the courtyard, the Scatter area and the Infinity room can be accessed.
  • F – Scatter area: A side area of the central area, containing a bridge connecting the crossroads and pillar platform areas.
  • G – Crossroads: A smaller, relatively dark area with exits in many directions.
  • H – Grenade area: A larger room with light shining through the windows, a floor covered in ice and two large platforms.
  • I – Central area: The largest continuous area in the map, with ice all over the ceiling, light shining through from two sides, an ice tunnel bridge and numerous connections to other areas of the level.
  • J – Ice tunnel bridge: Entirely made of transparent ice, this tunnel bridge connects the upper parts of the crossroads and balcony areas.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Automatic Ring Panel is situated below a stone platform in the central area.
  • The Bounce Ring Panel is located on an icy pool in the courtyard.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel is located in the central area, right below the bridge connecting the crossroads and pillar platform areas.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel is located in its titular area, on the higher of the two platforms.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel is located in a small side chamber, connected to the balcony of the outside area.
  • The Rail Ring Panel can be found on the corner of the pillar platform.
  • The Infinity Ring is located on a small ledge in its titular room.


  • The SRM is situated behind ice in the outside area, and can only be accessed from the stone platform in the central area.
  • Near the Scatter Ring Panel, a WRM can be found in the corner.
  • Another WRM can be found below the higher-up platform of the courtyard.
  • On a higher ledge in the Infinity room, due to a mistake by the mapper, there are three WRMs right next to each other.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • On top of the pillars in the outside area, a Force Shield, Super Ring Monitor and two ammo pickups can be found.
  • In the hallway connecting the Infinity room and pillar platform area, there's a hole in the ceiling of the hallway, leading to a passage that connects to the courtyard. This passage contains some rings, ammo pickups and an Elemental Shield.
  • On top of the ice tunnel bridge, a Whirlwind Shield, Super Sneakers, some rings and and a few ammo pickups can be found.

Technical data