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MAPM0, Jade Valley Zone, is the first Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It consists of various GFZ-themed outdoor areas connected by small tunnels, and with a small cave acting as the focal point and centerpiece. The stage was originally added to the game in v1.09, but it was taken out in v1.09.4 because it was too asymmetrical for the old Match system. With the new system that encourages non-symmetrical layouts in place, a reworked version of Jade Valley Zone was re-added to the rotation in v2.0.


Jade Valley Zone's layout.
  • A – Central cave: The centerpiece of the map is the small cave in the middle, which contains four exits. From there several distinct outside rooms can be reached, which are themselves connected by tunnels. The two exits to the left lead to the large lake room, the upper right exit to the small lake room, and the lower right exit to the Explosion Ring room.
  • B – Large lake room: The largest room, located in the west half of the map. It can be reached through both of the leftmost exits in the small cave. The room features a large lake in the middle, and an upper plateau to the south that can be reached through platforms in the south part of the stage. The same platforms mark the west end of the Explosion Ring room. In the north portion, a tunnel leads to the small lake room.
  • C – Explosion Ring room: Located to the south, and named as such because of the Explosion Ring located in its center. To the left, it connects to the large lake room via the aforementioned platforms, as well as a tunnel to the north of them. Directly above the tunnel is a platform that stretches across the upper border of the room. It contains an exit to the north which leads to the waterfall plateau of the small lake room. On the east end of the room are entrances to two tunnels. The left one leads to the central cave, the right one leads to the Scatter Ring room.
  • D – Small lake room: This room, located in the north portion of the map, consists of a smaller lake as well as several plateaus with different heights around it. The lowest level is to the left, containing two entrances to a tunnel that leads to the large lake room. The next-lowest plateau is to the right and leads to the Scatter Ring room. On the south wall, where the waterfall is located, two stepping stones lead to the tunnel to the central cave. The highest plateau, which contains the waterfall, cannot be reached from below, but only from the Explosion Ring room.
  • E – Scatter Ring room: This room lies between the Explosion Ring room and the small lake room, with long tunnels between them. It is rather small and contains the Scatter Ring Panel and some ammo.

Points of interest

Weapon rings


  • The SRM can found on the upper plateau of the large lake room, located in a small opening of the cliff. Its base item is a Whirlwind Shield.
  • On the lower stepping stone in the small lake room, a WRM is located. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • A small cave in the upper wall of the Explosion Ring room contains a WRM. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • On the upper end of the large lake room, there is a spring which leads to three monitors. The middle one is a WRM. Its base item is a Super Sneakers Monitor.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • In the Explosion Ring room, there's a high ledge with two Super Ring Monitors, and a cloud of rings with a Rail Ring pickup inside near it.
  • The small lake room also contains a high ledge, this time with a ring monitor and a couple of rings on it. There are three floating ring patterns in the same room: two of them are close to the ledge and contain a Bounce and a Scatter Ring pickup, the other one floats a bit further away, near the big waterfall and has an Explosion Ring pickup.
  • The large lake room has a large ring pattern floating in the center, high above the lake. A Rail Ring pickup is located in the center of it, albeit a bit higher. There are also two tiny groups of rings with a Scatter and an Explosion Ring pickup floating above the high ledge in the northern part of the room.

Technical data