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MAPM5, Infernal Cavern Zone, is the sixth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is set in a volcano-like cave, featuring environmental hazards such as lava and flame jets that throw fire in short intervals. Due to the large amount of hazards, this stage must be navigated very carefully, since falling into lava or running into a flame jet is a constant danger. Due to its unique gameplay style, its reception has been somewhat controversial.


Infernal Cavern Zone's layout.
  • A – Central area: This area is located roughly in the middle of the map, and serves as the centerpiece. It contains two floors, and the upper one can be reached via a spring in the northern corner. The lower level connects only to the Automatic Ring corner in the west, while the upper floor has two exits: In the north, it leads to the Grenade Ring turnaround, while in the south, it leads to an upper ledge of the Explosion Ring dead-end and from there to the upper lava river area.
  • B – Automatic Ring corner: This room, containing the Automatic Ring, is a small U-turn that connects the central area with the flamethrower room.
  • C – Flamethrower room: This is a fairly rectangular room with a lava river in the middle and flamethrowers to both sides. To the west, it is connected to the Automatic Ring corner, while to the east, it leads to the Explosion Ring dead-end. Jumping across the river to the south leads into the lower lava river area.
  • D – Explosion Ring dead-end: Consisting of two floors, this is a dead end containing the Explosion Ring Panel on the lower floor, connecting only to the flamethrower room. On the upper floor however, it provides a passageway between the central area and the upper lava river area.
  • E – Lower lava river area: Reachable by jumping across the river in the flamethrower room, this room consists mainly of a lava river coming from a lavafall. A small ledge to the side contains a platform to the upper lava river area.
  • F – Upper lava river area: A fairly round room with a lava lake in the middle that ends in a lavafall to the lower lava river area. On the other side, it connects to the higher floor of the Explosion Ring dead-end, which in turn connects to the central area.
  • G – Grenade Ring turnaround: This room, which can be reached through the upper level of the central area, consists of a lava pool with a spring ledge to its side, which pushes the player up to a higher ledge, turning them around by 270 degrees. From here, the lavafall room can be reached.
  • H – Lavafall room: This room is named as such because of the prominent large lavafall on its side. It can be only reached through the Grenade Ring turnaround, but in turn leads to the SRM hallway.
  • I – SRM hallway: This hallway can be reached from the lavafall room and leads to an SRM at its end, which is on a ledge above the flamethrower room. The hallway itself allows players to drop down into the central area twice via small holes.

Points of interest

Weapon rings

  • The Bounce Ring Panel is located in the upper lava river area.
  • The Rail Ring Panel can be found on the lower floor of the central area, next to a supporting beam.
  • The Automatic Ring Panel, hence the name, can be found in the Automatic Ring corner, on the other side of the lava pool.
  • The Explosion Ring Panel can be found in the Explosion Ring dead-end, hence the name.
  • The Scatter Ring Panel is located in the lavafall room, on a slightly elevated ledge across the lava.
  • The Grenade Ring Panel is located on a platform just below the higher part of the Grenade Ring turnaround.
  • The Infinity Ring is situated on a high ledge in the central area, which can be only reached from the upper floor of it.


  • The SRM is located on the far end of the SRM hallway, guarded by flamethrowers. Its base item is an Elemental Shield.
  • A WRM can be found on the upper floor of the central area, leaning against a supporting beam. Its base item is a Whirlwind Shield.
  • Another WRM can be found in the lower lava river area, on the ledge containing the spring leading up to the upper lava river area. Its base item is a Whirlwind Shield.

Tails/Knuckles areas

  • There are a couple of rings floating near the ceiling of the central area (A), including an Automatic Ring pickup.
  • There's a group of rings with a Rail Ring pickup floating above the lava in the flamethrower room (C).
  • The upper lava river area (F) has an Explosion and a Rail Ring pickup floating near the ceiling.
  • The lavafall room (H) has two groups of rings floating near the ceiling, along with a Bounce and a Scatter Ring pickup. There's also a Grenade Ring pickup floating somewhat further away.

Technical data