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MAP23, Egg Rock Zone Act 2, abbreviated as ERZ2, is the second act of Egg Rock Zone, the seventh zone in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is the longest and hardest level in the regular game. It uses many of the mechanics that were introduced in the first act in more complex and difficult settings, such as a room where the gravity flips back and forth at regular intervals.

ERZ2 features three new enemies in addition to the ones introduced in the first act: The Jetty-syn Bomber is an airborne enemy that drops bombs at the player. The Jetty-syn Gunner is its counterpart which shoots bullets from afar. The Pop-up Turret is a small turret that periodically pops out of the ground and shoots a single bullet at the player.


The level begins with gravity reversed, as you stand in the dark on an elevator on the ceiling that moves downwards. When the elevator stops, the starting room lights up. In front of you, there's a door on the floor of the room, but you can't reach it as long as you're in reverse gravity. To your left and your right are two rooms that contain gravity switchers which will switch you back to normal gravity, allowing you to reach the door. You can choose either room. If you choose the room to your left, walk up to a row of red springs which will propel you to the gravity switcher. Afterwards, turn around to face a series of fans suspended over a bottomless pit. To get back to the starting room with the door, you must float across the fans, using the upwards current of air from each fan to reach the next one. If you choose the room to your right, you must walk over a conveyor belt that is suspended over a bottomless pit on the ceiling. The conveyor belt is interrupted by two gaps, with panels sliding back and forth horizontally through the gaps. Time your jumps carefully to avoid the panels and reach the gravity switcher. Afterwards, turn around and walk back to the starting room with the door, passing the sliding panels once again.

Once you're back in the starting room, walk up to the door. It will open, revealing the first Star Post and a path split.

Path split

Left path

After walking down a small staircase, you must jump across a pit with a laser wall that periodically moves up and down. Wait until the laser covers the entire gap in the wall. Once it starts disappearing into the wall, quickly jump over the pit. You will reach a panel on the floor with a red and blue button. Press the red button, which will open the door to your right, leading into an outer space area with a Jetty-syn Bomber. A space countdown will start. Look to the opposite wall of the room to see a button in the wall with a ring in front of it. Since gravity is low, you can jump up to it directly, but you can also use the small steps attached to the wall. Push the button to open up a door next to you, which leads back inside. If you feel that you might run out of air before you manage to press the button, you can go back to the entrance of the outer space room and press the blue button to close the entrance door again, which will stop the air countdown.

The next room contains a lava pit with an intermittently falling lava fall. Once the lava fall stops, jump over the pit. You will come to a room with floating platforms to your left. Jump across them, but move quickly, as they will crumble when you stand on them. A Jetty-syn Bomber will approach you as you're jumping across the platforms. If you time your jumps correctly, you may manage to kill it in mid-jump. Afterwards, a series of platforms with yellow caution stripes will be to your right, with laser walls between them. If you step on the platforms, the floor and the ceiling with start moving towards each other, crushing you. Jump across the platforms quickly while avoiding the laser walls to reach a platform with a gravity switcher. After switching gravity, turn around and jump across the crushing platforms again to reach a hallway leading to the next room. A Snailer will shoot at you from across the hallway, so be careful to dodge its shots. In the next room, turn right and jump across the pit. Jump up a few steps to reach a bridge leading to a gravity switcher. After switching back to normal gravity, jump across the pit again to reach the second Star Post.

Now enter the zoom tube in front of you, which will switch you to reverse gravity. After exiting the zoom tube, turn right and walk up the green staircase to reach an area where the ceiling is coated in a cyan fog. If you move out of the fog, either by leaving the area or by jumping, your gravity will be switched back to normal. At the start of the area, you will land safely on a floor, from where you can jump back down to the zoom tube entrance and try again. Later on, however, there will be no floor to land on and you will fall into a bottomless pit. Make your way forward while staying inside the fog. You will pass two conveyor belts, which you should walk over quickly to avoid being pushed into a pit. Eventually you will reach a row of diagonal springs that will propel you across a pit. Turn right after the pit, walk down the staircase and turn right again. You will reach a room with an entrance to a zoom tube in the floor. Here your gravity will be switched back to normal. Take the zoom tube to be transported to the third Star Post.

Press the button in front of the Star Post. This will trigger a timed gravity switcher: Every eight seconds, the gravity in the entire room will be flipped. There are several pillars in the room that indicate how long it will take until the gravity flips again. The pillars will slowly fill up with red/blue fog. Once the pillars are entirely filled with fog of one color, the gravity flips. In the following section of the level, you must use the intermittently changing gravity to make your way forward.

From the button area, there is no way forward in normal gravity, so wait until you're switched to reverse gravity and then walk through the opening on either side of the room. On the other side, walk forward as much as possible until you reach a pit where the room makes a left turn. The areas surrounded by yellow caution stripes have no floor below them or no ceiling above them, so make sure you're in a safe area once the gravity flips. There are Pop-up Turrets on the platform below, so while you're waiting for your gravity to flip back to normal, strafe left or right to dodge their shots. After flipping back to normal gravity, turn left and jump across the pit to a wall where a few steps lead to another zoom tube. Make your way to the zoom tube quickly and jump inside before the gravity flips again.

You should get out of the zoom tube right as the gravity flips back to reverse again. Walk forward to the platform with the four Pop-up Turrets. The path continues on the ceiling to your right, but the platform is too far down to jump to it in reverse gravity. Instead, you have to stand on the floor in normal gravity and then jump off to the right just as the gravity flips to reverse gravity. If you time your jump correctly, your gravity will flip in mid-air before you fall into the pit, allowing you to land on the platform. Run forward until you reach an X painted on the ceiling. Stand in place and wait for gravity to flip back to normal. You will fall into a small tunnel. Walk to the other side and wait for gravity to flip back to reverse. After landing on a platform on the ceiling, you will see the entrance to a zoom tube in front of you, with two arrows pointing into it. Jump across the platforms in front of you to reach it and enter the zoom tube. Here the gravity flipping section ends.

After exiting the zoom tube, you will land in an area with the fourth Star Post. The next section is in 2D mode. After running to the right for a while, you will reach an outer space area with an air countdown and low gravity. Continue forward until you're stopped by a large pillar. Jump over it and across a pit to reach the entrance to a zoom tube, which will lead you into the next 2D area. After jumping across a platform suspended from a crane, you will reach another outer space area. Continue left until you're stopped by a wall. Jump up to reach a ledge with an Eggman Monitor and another zoom tube entrance. Jump high enough to pass over the monitor and enter the zoom tube, which leads to the last 2D area.

Continue right to enter another outer space area. After jumping over two lasers which move up and down in an alternating pattern, you will reach a platform with an air pocket, where you can refresh your air supply. Afterwards, you must jump through two platforms with spikes that crush against each other. Start jumping as soon as the crusher opens to make it through safely. On the other side, you will reach the entrance to a zoom tube which will switch you back to 3D mode. After exiting the zoom tube, continue forward and jump over a pit to reach a room where parts of the floor are slightly lower than the rest. These parts will crumble when stood upon, so either run through the room quickly or stay on the safe spots. There are two Spincushions on one of the safe platforms. If you trigger the crumbling floor and then wait on one of the other platforms, they will launch themselves into the pit and you can pass safely. After jumping over a row of spikes and walking over a large bridge, you will reach the fifth Star Post.

In front of you is a ladder where you can hang on to the steps. Jump up the ladder and to the edge of the large glass wall in front of you. A large air lock leading into space will open in the room behind the wall, sucking the crates in the room into outer space. Afterwards, the glass wall will lower, allowing you to enter the room. Jump over the pit and turn around to find another ladder with hangable steps. Hang on the bars to make your way up the ladder. After a while, an alarm will sound and a red warning light will flash. After the alarm has sounded four times, the air lock will open. If you're not hanging on to a bar by then, you will be sucked into outer space and die. Once the air lock closes, you can continue making your way across the room until it opens again. You have to jump across a series of hangable bars suspended over the pit to reach a platform with a row of diagonal springs leading you to the sixth Star Post. The Star Post is just out of the air lock area, so you're safe there.

Now you have to make your way through a gauntlet of crushers. They move in such a pattern that you can safely stay in the area of one crusher as long as the next one is crushing. Once the next crusher starts retreating, immediately move to it before the current one crushes you. Once you come near the exit, a Snailer will start shooting at you, so use your strafe keys to avoid its shots. After making it through the gauntlet, turn right and continue until you reach a split in the path. To your left will be a large laser aimed at a wall. The laser is powered down, so head right to reach the button that powers it. After jumping down, you will reach a pit with a staircase made of crumbling rocks. Run up the staircase and jump to the pillar with the diagonal spring to reach the ledge with the button. After pressing the button, the area will fill up with lava. Use the platforms floating on top of the lava to reach a small tunnel on the other side of the room, which will lead back to the laser. Now the laser is powered, so step on the red button to shoot it. The laser will blow up the wall in front of you, allowing you to continue. Behind the wall are three Jetty-syn Gunners that will immediately shoot at you, so dodge their shots and run past them to reach a teleporter. You will land in an area with the seventh Star Post, where the two paths merge.

Right path

Stand in front of the door to open it. It will reveal a hallway with two Snailers shooting at you. Run past them while dodging their shots to reach a circular room where a laser with two blades rotates and moves up and down. Run through the room while the laser is up and head down the following hallway. You will reach an opening leading into an outer space section. Once you jump through the opening, gravity will reverse and an air countdown will start. Walk to the edge of the ledge you're standing on and then jump over to the platform in front of you. Walk around the side of it and then jump to another platform floating in front of you. Jump around the lava falls to reach the entrance to another building, where the air countdown will stop and gravity will switch back to normal. Turn right to reach the second Star Post.

In front of you is a grid of four lasers that move down, right, up, and left (in that order). Study their pattern to find an opening and jump through it. After the hallway makes a U-turn, you path will be blocked by two rows of intermittently falling blocks, which all fall at different speeds. Again, study their pattern and find an opening to jump through without getting crushed, but avoid the shots fired by the Snailer at the end of the hallway. Turn right to enter another hallway that leads into a tall circular room with a bottomless pit and two Jetty-syn Bombers. You may want to kill them before you continue. The walkway in this room is interrupted by a laser beam that periodically moves downwards. Time your jump carefully to avoid it. Afterwards, ride a moving platform to reach the room's exit. After continuing through another set of hallways and jumping over a bottomless pit, you will reach a room with a bridge crossing overhead that leads to a closed door. Exit the room to your right to find the third Star Post.

In front of you is a bottomless pit that is crossed by a beam made up of moving yellow blocks of light. Hang on to the beam like a rope to be carried across the pit, but make sure to jump off before you reach the other side, or you will fall off the beam and into the pit. Afterwards, you will reach a small lava lake with two flamethrowers in front of it. Jump over the flamethrowers and across the lava while dodging the shots of the Snailers shooting at you from the other side. You will now enter a room with large windows that show an outer space area. Between the two Snailers is a small tube that leads outside. The tube is one-way, so once you're outside, you can't get back in. Since the outer space area has an air countdown, take your time to survey the area through the windows first before going outside.

To your left, on an island in a bottomless pit, you can see a gravity switcher with a trail of rings leading towards a large rock hanging overhead. After going outside, jump to the gravity switcher and use it to reach the rock in reverse gravity. Turn left to find an air pocket where you can refresh your air supply. Turn right to reach a small cliff and walk up to its edge to find a safe place to land above. Jump off and follow the path to the left to reach the entrance to a zoom tube. Jump down to reach it. The zoom tube will flip your gravity back to normal and transport you to the bridge in the room just before the third Star Post. The door on the other side will now be opened, allowing you to continue. In the next room, you have to jump down a few platforms, each of which has a single ring on it, to reach the exit below, where you will find the fourth Star Post.

Head down the hallway in front of you and turn left. After jumping over a row of spikes with a pit on either side, you will reach a room with a Turret sitting on the ceiling in the center of the room. The Turret will start shooting at you as soon as you enter the room, but you can use the tall wall in front of you as cover. Once the Turret stops, jump over the pit to your right to reach a ledge behind the wall. You are now in the direct line of fire from the Turret, so keep moving quickly to avoid being hit. There is another ledge in front of you, but it's blocked off by lasers, so run across the ledge to the other side and jump over the pit there. On the next ledge, run back to the right side again and jump over the pit there to reach the other end of the room. Walk down the staircase to your left to reach a zoom tube entrance flanked by two Snailers. Take the zoom tube to reach a room with the fifth Star Post.

Head down the hallway in front of you to reach an area with two closed doors and one open door. The closed door to your left leads into an elevator, which is powered down. Behind the door in front of you is a button that will power the elevator and open the elevator door, but since this door is closed as well, you need to find another way in. Head through the open door to your left to enter the elevator shaft. Jump across the small beams in this room to reach the top of the elevator, but be careful since there's a bottomless pit below. On the other side of the elevator you should see an opening with an arrow pointing down. Jump through that opening to reach the button that powers the elevator. After pressing it, the two closed doors will open, allowing you to enter the elevator. Press the small button inside the elevator to make it head upwards. If you accidentally manage to exit the elevator after pressing the button but before the door closes, or if you're playing in Coop and another player has already activated the elevator, a zoom tube will open up next to the Star Post that will take you to the next area.

After riding the elevator to the top, you will enter the tall circular room again that you passed through earlier, but this time on a higher floor. If you killed the two Jetty-syn Bombers before and haven't died and respawned since then, they will still be gone; otherwise they will move up to your floor to harass you again. Use the moving platform to your left to reach the higher walkway and then walk across it to exit the room. In the next room, there is a platform with two Spincushions to your left. If you step on the platform, it will carry you up to the sixth Star Post. However, you may want to kill the enemies first to prevent them from turning red and harming you while the platform is moving.

Step onto the conveyor belt in front of you. Now you have to pass under a fast crusher and immediately afterwards jump over a pit. While doing this, a Snailer will shoot at you from the other side of the conveyor belt, so use your strafe keys to dodge its shots. Once you reach the end of the conveyor belt, you should see another one continuing to your right, but between the two conveyor belts is a pit with two laser beams that move up and down at different rates. Backpedal slowly to stay on the belt and wait for the two lasers to move into a position that allows you to jump across the pit. Bear in mind that the Snailer will still be shooting at you, so you need to dodge its shots as well. Once the lasers are in place, jump to the other conveyor belt and continue. After being carried past two sideways crushers, your gravity will be flipped. You will approach a row of three vertically moving laser beams, with two Pop-up Turrets next to them. Again, backpedal until the time is right and then pass over them to reach a teleporter.

You will be teleported to a room with the seventh Star Post and a large pit to your left. After a while, platforms will start to appear and disappear again over the pit. Two consecutive platforms are always active at the same time, allowing you to jump from platform to platform to cross the pit. Always jump to the next platform as soon as it appears, since the one you're standing on will soon disappear again. The platforms will progressively get narrower as you continue across the pit, eventually leading to a button that will open up a door to an area with the eighth Star Post, where the two paths merge. As Sonic, Amy, and Fang, you have no choice but to use the platforms. As Tails and Metal Sonic, you can simply fly across the pit to the button, maneuvering past the translucent blue walls in your way. As Knuckles, you can glide across the pit, but you need to gain enough height first. The walls surrounding the pit aren't climbable, but the ones in the area with the Star Post are, so you can climb to the top of the room there and then glide over the pit to reach the button.

Final section

You should have arrived at the last Star Post. Turn left and step on a conveyor belt leading through a room with a bottomless pit on both sides. In front of you are three floating platforms that crush against the conveyor belt at different intervals. Study their pattern and then move under them quickly once it's safe. Afterwards, your path will be blocked by a set of two rotating and interlocking gears. If you simply try to pass between the gears, you will be crushed between their teeth, but if you backpedal on the conveyor belt and wait for a while, you will see that each gear has two teeth missing, forming a gap that you can pass between. After passing between the gears, you have to jump over a pit with three laser beams that move vertically at different rates. Study their pattern and wait for a gap to appear that you can jump through. On the other side, the conveyor belt leads into a zoom tube. After exiting the zoom tube, follow the trail of rings to your right into an elevator. Upon exiting the elevator, you will enter a room with red walls. If you turn left, a conveyor belt will lead you back to the start of the level. If you turn right, you will reach the Level End Sign.

Points of interest

Disco room

The first area of the disco room.

The disco room is a hidden disco-themed area that was created as a humorous homage to an unfinished level in SSNTails's hobby project, The Wizard Needs Food...Badly! The room is decorated with items such as a dancing Eggman statue, a disco ball and vinyl records, and the music that plays is "Disco Zombie" from Earthworm Jim 3D. It serves as an alternate exit to the level, where you have to defeat a number of enemies and an Egg Mobile to collect a Special Stage Token and end the level.

The entrance to the disco room is located near the end of the level, in an area that is mandatory to go through. After going through the gears and lasers on a conveyor belt, you enter a zoom tube that leads into a corridor with blue walls. At the end of the corridor is an elevator that will lead you to the ending area. Instead of entering the elevator, spindash into the wall behind the second barrier from the left to enter a hidden zoom tube that leads to the disco room.

After exiting the zoom tube, you will find yourself in a disco-themed room with an extra life to either side of the zoom tube exit. The room leads into a small corridor with an Attraction Shield to the left and a room full of enemies around the corner to the right. To progress, you need to destroy these enemies. However, because the room contains a diverse selection of rather powerful enemies, you are likely to be hit if you simply walk into the room. Instead, grab the Attraction Shield and try to lure the enemies into the corridor one by one. The room contains three Spincushions, which will hit you if you stay on the floor. To avoid them, climb onto the small elevation where the Attraction Shield is located and wait until they deactivate to defeat them. The other enemies can be defeated by normal means.

The boss area.

After all enemies are destroyed, a door will open in the enemy room that leads into a boss arena with an Egg Mobile and three Jetty-syn Gunners. The room contains a few vinyl records that emerge from a bottomless pit. You can jump over these vinyl records and a moving platform to reach a safe platform with an Emerald Token on it at the far end of the room. First, however, you should take out the Jetty-syns. They won't follow you out of the room, so the best way to destroy them is to wait in the enemy room until they are hovering next to the exit and then quickly jump at them. Be careful when jumping not to overshoot and fall into the pit. After destroying the Jetty-syns, you can move up to the safe platform to battle the Egg Mobile. Hit Eggman when he's close to avoid falling into the pit. After defeating him, an Egg Capsule will appear on the safe platform. Take the Emerald Token and jump on the capsule to end the level.

Extra lives

  • Take the left path after the first Star Post. Once you pass the lava fall after the outer space room, you should see a fence in front of you, behind the floating platforms. Jump over the fence and into the lava below. Use the spring in the center to propel yourself on top of the tubes in front of you. To your left is an extra life and to your right a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • On the left path, after the crushers that you have to jump across to switch to reverse gravity, you will reach a room with a bridge leading across a pit. Once you reach the platform that this bridge is connected to, jump off and walk around the platform to discover a small nook with an extra life and a Whirlwind Shield.
  • After the second Star Post on the left path, you will reach an upside-down area where you have to stay inside a cyan fog in order to remain in reverse gravity. If you step out of the fog right at the beginning, you will land on a floor below. Turn around to find an invincibility monitor. While you are invincible, jump onto the floor from which the red laser barrier extends. From there, jump to the ledge in front of you, which contains an extra life.
  • In the first room of the timed gravity switcher section on the left path, instead of entering the zoom tube leading into the second room, jump behind the big wall next to it to reach a platform with an extra life, an Armageddon Shield, two Super Ring Monitors and a Super Sneakers Monitor.
  • In the second room of the timed gravity switcher section on the left path, where you stand on the X painted on the floor and wait to be flipped, instead of standing on the X itself, go forward to the edge of the platform. When you are flipped, you will land on a ledge with an extra life.
  • In the final area of the 2D section on the left path, turn around after the spiked crushers and jump on the upper one. Ride it to the top to reach the roof of the building before it. On top of the roof are two extra lives, two Super Ring Monitors and an Elemental Shield. Try to grab the shield as fast as possible to avoid suffocating.
  • In the room with the air lock that sucks you into outer space on the left path, turn around from the Star Post at the end of the room and face towards the air lock door. There is a small ledge with an extra life in front of you.
  • After the room with the Spincushions and the collapsing floor in the left path, turn to your left to see an extra life surrounded by a circle of Eggman Monitors. Grab it with a very precise jump into the center of the circle to avoid getting hit.
  • In the first outer space area of the right path, jump to your left immediately after entering the room. Behind the large rock is an extra life.
  • In the same room, turn to your left on the first platform you jump to and grab the Invincibility Monitor. Then jump towards the lava fall attached to the wall on the left side of the room. The lava fall has an opening that leads into a cave. Inside the cave is an Elemental Shield (which will allow you to get back through the lava fall), and if you go further inside, you will reach an altar with two extra lives.
  • In the second outer space area of the right path, jump onto the platform with the gravity switcher, but don't use it. Instead, look in front of you. On the far side of the room is a platform. Jump to it to reach an extra life, an Armageddon Shield and a Special Stage Token.
  • In the Turret room on the right path, fly or climb up the second of the three walls in the center to find an extra life.


  • If you go left at the very beginning, you will pass over a Force Shield in normal gravity. After switching gravity and passing over the pit with the fans, you will reach it.
  • In the room with the air lock that sucks you into outer space on the left path, there is a Force Shield on the far end of the room, near the first ladder.
  • In the room with the teleporter at the end of the left path, turn around from the teleporter and turn left to find an Elemental Shield.
  • Take the right path. After you first cross the circular room with the Jetty-syn Bombers, turn to your left in the next room. Behind a crate are five Eggman Monitors and an Attraction Shield.

Super Sneakers

  • On the right path, in the hallway with the two rows of falling blocks after the first outer space area, there is a spike pit after the blocks. On the other side of the spike pit is a ledge with a Super Ring Monitor and Super Sneakers.
  • In the room after the hangable yellow beam on the right path, walk behind the blue wall to your left to find a Super Sneakers monitor.


  • Next to the button that powers up the laser cannon on the left path, there is an invincibility monitor hidden behind a pillar to your right.

Inaccessible areas

A substantial amount of the level layout serves as scenery that can be seen through windows. There are also areas of the level that are either highly detailed yet completely hidden from view, or that can be viewed from outside but appear to be functional parts of the level when accessed.

After first passing through the circular room with two Jetty-syn Bombers on the right path, the next hallway contains a window through which you can see a conveyor belt that passes through a block of cyan light. Entering the area via noclip allows you to see a small red square at the head of the conveyor belt. Your controls are disabled upon touching the conveyor belt, so you must disable noclip to be carried down the belt. Pushable Objects and players that pass through the cyan light are shrunk to 48% of their original size. Angled walls on the belt move Objects to the center of the belt, at which point they pass through a scanner. When you pass through the scanner, nearby lights turn red, and a large hollow tube falls onto you, reversing your gravity and leaving you stuck to its top with your controls disabled. According to Spazzo[1], this room was where a now scrapped shrinking mechanic was originally going to be used.

In the area with the Attraction Shield and Eggman Monitors just before the window mentioned above, using noclip to pass through the door reveals a dark room with two arrows pointing at the door, and a small square grate in the room. A hole is in the roof above the grate, and the edges of the hole are outlined with the texture used to denote reversed gravity. However, the hole is solid and does not let you through.

Technical data