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This article is about the version of Brak Eggman present in Version 2.1 and beyond. For the Version 2.0 version of the boss, see Brak Eggman (Old).

Thing type 209, Brak Eggman, also known as Black Eggman, is the final boss encountered in SRB2; it is used in Black Core Zone Act 3. It is a large metallic robot that shoots various types of projectiles at the player while equipped with an electric barrier to protect himself from damage unless it is removed. Brak Eggman is based on Metal Robotnik from the Japanese anime OVA Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (the character is known as Black Eggman in Japan – "Brak Eggman" is a deliberate Engrish misspelling of this). A miniature version of Brak Eggman called the Minibrak was at one point considered as an enemy but eventually scrapped.

Adding the Special flag will cause the level to end when Brak Eggman is defeated, rather than by destroying an Egg Capsule. Adding the Ambush flag will cause Brak Eggman to spawn the electric barrier around himself that he uses in Black Core Zone Act 3. The barrier will not spawn otherwise.


Brak Eggman has 12 health points. He can be hurt simply by jumping into him, just like any other boss. However, if the Ambush flag is checked, an electric barrier will spawn around him, making him invincible and hurting players on contact unless they have an Elemental Shield. The electric barrier shorts out on contact with liquids; in Black Core Zone Act 3 the player has to lure Brak Eggman into acid currents to short out the barrier. Once the electric barrier has disappeared, Brak Eggman becomes vulnerable to attacks from the player. The barrier will re-appear after 25 seconds, flickering for five seconds beforehand.

Brak Eggman walks around the map, chasing the player. Occasionally, he will laugh and then choose from one of two pairs of attacks.

  • The first pair:
    • A flamethrower attack, leaving flames on the ground. The flames will linger for ten seconds before dissipating.
    • A missile attack, where he shoots three rockets directly at the player, leaving behind some flames where they hit. The missiles have extremely high knockback.
  • The second pair:
    • A bomb lobbing attack. The bomb will slowly bounce to a stop, after which it shatters into 7 smaller bombs that each spread flames over a large radius.
    • A sniping attack. A targeting reticule will appear on top of the player, as well as a line of orange orbs indicating the line of sight from Brak Eggman to the player. After roughly two seconds, Brak Eggman will snipe at the player, instantly hitting them and throwing them up into the air. If the line of sight between Brak Eggman and the player is broken before he can fire, the attack is aborted. Upon starting this attack, Brak Eggman calls the reserved tag 65530 (LE_BRAKVILEATACK). In the old Egg Rock Core Zone, this was used to raise up the crates that allowed the player to hide from the attack.

From 10–12 health points, Brak Eggman will only use the first pair of attacks, and from 1–3 health points, he will only use the second. In-between, he will randomly choose between the two, opting progressively more for the second pair as his health decreases. If he is hit, however, he will always retaliate with one of the first pair of attacks, regardless of his current health, and will be invincible for the duration of the attack. As his health decreases, he will walk faster and the pauses between attacks will become shorter.

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